Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sexual Assault- Idiocy

So I ran across this article
http://ijo.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/53/4/454 Thanks to @preventconnect on twitter!

There was a study taken from 3 different colleges. It says:

"roughly 30% of the women and 12% of the men reported having been the victim of a sexual assault sometime in their lives. Of the assault victims, approximately 23% of both sexes stated that they had sexual intercourse with their assaulters on at least one subsequent occasion."

There's a lot of factors left out of this study! Were they drunk? If not, did they give consent? Were they coerced or manipulated? Anyway they go on in the article and say this:

"Female victims of a completed sexual assault were significantly more likely to continue being sexually active with their assailants than were female victims who managed to block the assault, while no such difference was found for male victims. This would imply that some men are using assaultive tactics to secure sex partners beyond a single sexual episode, thereby enhancing their potential reproductive success in evolutionary terms."Also, men who committed sexual assault reported having had more lifetime sex partners than did sexually experienced men with no sexual assault history. Overall, the idea that sexual assault is part of an evolved reproductive strategy is consistent with findings from this study."

Now this study was conducted by three men! Leave it to my gender to come up with this corrupted idea that "the idea of sexual assault is part of an evovled reproductive strategy" That statement is implying that Men rape to reproduce. That the only reason men commit sexual assaults would be to have kids! This is utterly ridiculous and makes me sick that someone would actually try to justify sexual assaults by calling it a "reproductive strategy" Do you think when "Joe" goes to the strip club and he's watching a nude girl dance around that he's thinking "yeah I'd like to reproduce with her" .. I mean maybe, but not literally! This theory is about the most narrow mindend and unrealistic one i've ever heard. There's so many other key factors involved that you have to take into account, such as structures of Men & Boys in the home, and socialization of Men & Boys as well! The "consistent" findings of this study are the same as every other study that i've seen. Men are the majority of perpetrators in Sexual Assaults, whether the victim is Male or Female!...


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  1. Yeah, never mind the fact that returning to the scene (and perpetrator) of the crime in a sexual assault is one of the most common reactions women have to those situations. The idea is that they can go back and re-do the event the way they wished it went: to go back and tell the guy she knows what he's doing and she will not stand for it, securing a corrective experience. Unfortunately, that corrective experience rarely ever happens that way.

    And, how many assault victims are those guys calling 'sex partners'? A 'sex partner' implies consent.