Friday, January 15, 2010

Violence Made Acceptable, if by a man, says this Columnist

If you're a sports fanatic and/or devoted to a certain team then you know the level of emotions that come a long with being a fan. You put your heart & soul in to three or so hours of happiness, joy, dissapointment, yelling, cheering, etc. For men, there's an additive of adrenaline you feel running through your veins as someone makes an amazing catch, or in reverse if a player missed a tackle, or the quaterback throws an interception. I can't speak for women, on this aspect of it. I know though, because as they say "I bleed blue & silver." I've been a HUGE Cowboys fan since before I was old enough to even understand the game. When is enough, enough though? I recently read an article that two Eagles fans attacked and assaulted a Woman wearing a Tony Romo shirt. ( ) Sadly, it didn't suprise me one bit after seeing how they repeatedly threw snow balls at Santa Clause (of all people) in a game previously in the year, and just knowing the reputation of these fans! What did suprise me though, is what was said in the aritcle! (written by a man)

"Physically assaulting another man for rooting for a different sports team is one thing, but a true gentleman never hits a lady"

Realistically, he's portraying the mind-set of the majority of men in society. Why is it though society see's it acceptable for a man to hit another man? A true Gentlemen wouldn't hit ANYONE!! Hence, "Gentle"! Saying that it's ok to hit another man is equivalent to saying that violence is acceptable! There's statements in the article taken from the woman assaulted, and it seems her attackers mistook her for a man, because her hair was tucked into her shirt. This in NO way justifies the actions of these two men! She closes her statement saying:

"When they saw my face, you could see the look on their faces change," she said.

The man who wrote the article begins the conclusion with this:

"What a heartwarming twist at the end"

Are you serious??? A woman was attacked by two men, but once they realized it was a woman they ran away and "looked shocked". How in the hell is that heartwarming?? Can someone please explain that to me? These two men mistakenly assaulted a woman wearing a Tony Romo SHIRT and when they realized it was a woman they were shocked and ran. To the writter, that makes this behavior acceptable? This is really disheartening! Not that it's coming from a man, but because it's being put into a news paper and displayed to tons & tons of other people to reinforce this idea of violence is tolerated as long as it's a man assaulting another man. Not to mention, this writter has not a bit of empathy for this woman who was attacked!!! Heartwarming? are you kidding me? ...pathetic ... ok i'm done!

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